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A Digital Platform and an Experiential Travel Organizer dedicated to designing Travels with Purpose and to inspire, empower and guide people who travel to discover special destinations in a safe way. 

We seek to awaken the senses and help reconnect the inner voice with the true essence and with the girl who lives in each of us.



To contribute to the path of transformation, for both for my readers and my travelers. It has been traveling, the yogic philosophy, meditation and breathwork, the tools that have opened the doors of self-knowledge and union with others and with myself.

From all this ingredients was born what I call Travel with Purpose and my Experiential Travel Company: Lilith’s Travel.

Travels with Purpose

What inspired me deeply and gave me the strength to take the first step to change my life, was the novel Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, where the protagonist decides to take a sabbatical year to reconnect with herself, with the pleasure of living, and with God, and when she does, she gets to love again.

That’s what our travels are about:


A travel like “Eat, Pray, TRAVEL”


The pleasure of the senses.


The encounter with the being through yoga, meditation and alternative therapies.


The adrenaline of the new, of adventure, of exploring, of experiencing, of breaking comfort zones, and of knowing other types of lives, thoughts and cultures.

My ingredients for the cake of life are palpable and accessible to most, and I have made it my life mission to share them with as many people as possible, especially with other women in search of transformation and a brighter path, or at least lighter and more joyful.

With this recipe I have been able to transmute my perpetual nostalgia into a state of constant astonishment, curiosity, and perhaps I may say that even joy! As in every recipe, everyone will add their touch and flavor, but to share it is to give someone else a piece of satisfaction.

Pleasure, Search, and Adventure!

These three pillars are essential for Lilith’s Travel to ensure that each traveler understands that no matter the chosen place in the world she decides to discover, the final destination will always be YOU.

Shall we fly together?

Bali, India, Morocco, Italy, and El Camino de Santiago.

INDIA with purpose

september 12th - 26th 2021

We travel with faith, because you have to believe in India! You have to believe in its infinity number of gods, in its wisdom, in its customs and philosophy, in the combination of its spices, in the simplicity of its complex worldview, and in its sacred river Ganges which water flow has all the answers you are looking for. This country only asks you to open your heart fully and with confidence, while setting aside all judgment. At times you will feel confused and lost, but your inner voice will always find the path that will push you to follow the adventure ahead of you.


june 12th - 25th / november 13th - 25th 2021

We travel to the ancestral land of Bali to fill us with life, discovery, transformation and fun. We use our bodies to heal what is inside us that has already expired and must leave. We get carried away by those little details that make us feel the warmth of a place that welcomes you with its abundance. This is a destination that comforts and revitalizes even with its daily gestures and makes us thank each answer that, wanting it or not, emerges to fill us  with calm, shows us our importance as part of the universe, and make us feel that there is someone somewhere taking care of our steps.


april 12th - 26th 2021

Walking with Lilith’s Travel is creating memories with new friends, having blisters just to transcend the pain, walk unimaginable distances, but laughing out loud while doing so. It is to use a few kilometers to connect with your inner voice and get answers, it is to push to your limits knowing that, at the end of the goal, will always be someone to receive you with a good wine to celebrate life. It is the perfect mix of detachment with good taste, of the inner journey supported by enjoying the pleasure of this world, and it takes you to know your infinite ability to go beyond your own limitations.


february 12th - 26th 2021

We travel with all our senses at hand, attentive to intuition and with curiosity in full bloom, because Morocco, as well as its dunes of the Sahara desert, shakes all ideas about the Middle East. Let yourself be amazed by this country where you will experience the power of seduction from the game of mystery and what is not so easily revealed. In the end you will not want to leave the fantasy land that will free the beautiful genius that is within you.


very soon!

I only share what touches my heart, it makes me grow and/or I know like a local; Bologna is one of those places. This corner of the road less traveled in Italy, touched my pants size, my imagination, my creativity, my taste buds and my artist’s heart.

That’s why it’s the place where I take you in the summer! Connection, yoga, meditation, creative awakening, art, cinema, culture, history, nature, gastronomy and wine, that’s what this 10-day trip through the “Romagna” is all about.

Through meditation, yoga, breathwork and a healthy diet, as well as artistic activities, we will put your creative engines on fire.

Then, we will go down to the city to embrace the beauty of pleasure, gastronomy and the seventh art, during the film festival “Cinema Ritrovatto”. 

Italy will remind us what the “far niente” is all about: the pleasure of simply BEING

Retreats and WORSHOPS with Purpose

I invite you to get away from the worldly noise, smile and smell the flowers! Meditate, do yoga, breathe consciously, eat healthy, savor, dance, write, read, paint, explore, connect with nature and your inner child, and share with a tribe of women to give you the opportunity to be reborn through an experience with purpose.

In our retreats we condense the essence of our travels with purpose in a short format, between 3 to 9 days, for those who don’t have so much time on their hand  but want to take that first step to transformation.


To fulfilled our mission the experience must be exclusive, selecting carefully our destinations, sticking to only to those places I know as a local. Our VIP experiences are divided in 3:

Group: Our trips are limited to a maximum of 10 women

Private: I design your individual experience with you. Your time, your pace, your needs, your budget, your trip.

Retreat: short meditation and breathwork retreats and workshops, frequently combined with the practice of yoga, healthy food, and other therapies and practices in conjunction with other facilitators.


No matter the place, the destination will always be you…

I am no teacher, nor a guru, nor even a spiritual guide, but you can expect me to be your facilitator of spaces for connection, through the use of  travel, breathwork, meditation, and the spiritual journey.

My career and personal history have brought me here…

Ileanna Simancas Coach

No matter the place, the destination will always be you…